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Will taking meds make people think I am "CRAZY"? 

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Taking psychotropic medication can be something you would rather keep to yourself. It is a very personal thing that you may be afraid to show people lest you are misunderstood and labeled as “crazy.” This feeling of fear or shame may be sown deep into your consciousness. If you feel this way, there may be a big chance that you will dread each pill as you furtively pop it into your mouth. Eventually, the feeling of unease may drive you to stop taking your medication; it’s a wrong move that may cause more harm than good.

Staying Strong against Fear and Shame

The feeling of fear or shame associated with taking medication or seeing a psychiatric mental health professional can’t be underestimated. It is considered to be a primary stumbling block for people who need psychiatric care. The feeling can make them deliberately avoid getting help, or if they are already seeing a mental health professional, stop from taking their medicine. If you will succumb to your feelings, your chance to achieve functionality may be nil.

The Root of the Feeling

Developing a mental health condition doesn’t make you any weaker as a person; it is a condition you didn’t want and which is often beyond your control. Yet, you have to live with the uncomfortable feelings and symptoms, including being called “crazy.” The perception is a product of mankind’s age-old ignorance and misunderstanding of illnesses affecting the mind and its treatment. Modern media failed to improve that perception. It instead perpetuated the wrong perception by portraying the condition as something to be ashamed about.

Looking Forward With the Pill Box

If you are bothered by what people may say or think upon knowing you are taking medications, you may come to hate your pill box for what it represents in your life. Rather than hate it, find a way to see your medications in a positive light. These medicines can offer you a way out of the rotten symptoms you are experiencing. They can help you attain functionality to be able to live a normal life. This positive outlook can help you look forward to your pill box as a system that helps you do things mechanically without fail for a improved life.

Finding an Ally in Your Psychiatric Care

Your psychiatrist or PMHNP has an important role to play in developing a positive attitude towards matters related to your treatment. Focus on the factual information that can help you understand medications for you to better appreciate their potential benefits. The empathic ability of your psychiatrist or PMHNP from Living Well Behavioral Health in Knightdale, NC on McKnight Dr. to enlighten you can make a difference in how you’ll perceive your condition. Here, you’ll find the ally to overcome negative perceptions as they stand in your way to a better life.



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