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Will psychotropic medication change my personality? 

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Will psychotropic medication change my personality?

Psychotropic medications do not change who you are or your fundamental traits. The perception that it can affect “personality” emanates from the fact that it can modify your brain chemistry, the very reason for your psychiatric problem. This is generally supported by current references available on the topic.

Achieving Functionality is Proof of Change in Brain Chemistry

Psychotropic medications are chemicals that have been formulated to intentionally alter the brain chemistry, which is the technical the reason why you are experiencing a psychiatric disorder. The proof that it is effective is when you feel the diminishing of the signs and symptoms, the achievement of functionality and mood lift.

During this time, you will feel more focused and your mind clear, so that you can do things like any normal person. Depending on the meds and your condition, you may also be able to sleep better, feel less agitated or jittery, happier, etc. Without the usual signs and symptoms of your psychiatric condition, you are your usual self. Shying away from everything, you may even emerge as the best version of yourself having the passion to pursue your interests once again.

Picture not having the signs and symptoms of anxiety, depression, or manic-depressive disorder (bipolar); that may be technically considered a personality change. With reduced irritability, you may find yourself seeking the company of your old friends or pursuing your old interest again. Reports that they started to like dancing and music may be attributed to rediscovering new passions as what troubles you before are out of the way.

Your Personality is Stamped in Your Genes

“Your personality is you,” it can’t be changed. It seems that the perceived “changes,” are related to developing a more positive outlook due to the chemical changes in the brain. Though the medications will not change your fundamental traits, your positive disposition can make your good traits shine through. There are also certain meds with side effects that can make you short-tempered or irritable, which may be perceived as a personality change.

If most of the “personality change” will result to the enhancement of your personality traits to reveal the “real you,” then so be it. It just means your medications are making you a better version of yourself. Note that this can only be possible when you are prescribed with the right drugs, doses and timing. Do yourself a favor, consult and get your prescription from Living Well Behavioral Health in Knightdale, NC on McKnight Dr. to make sure that your kind of medication will promote functionality, mood lift and enhanced traits.


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