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Does it matter what time you take antidepressants? 



You came back from your psychiatrist or psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP) with a prescription for your depression. The prescription will most likely include the dosage and what time of day you must take them.  Must you really take the medication at the specified time? Does it matter what time you take antidepressants? The answer to these two questions is a resounding YES!

 The Rationale Behind the Dosage and Timing

 Your psychiatrist or PMHNP will decide the most suitable medication for you including the proper dosage and timing based on taking your medical history, lifestyle, test results and the intensity of the depressive symptoms. The prescription is, therefore, a result of a methodical process; itís carefully thought and decided upon. Thus, it is most critical to follow the prescription to the last detail, including the time of taking the medications.

 The timing will make sure you achieve functionality at that time when you need it most. Certainly, your prescriber will avoid prescribing sedating antidepressants during the day when you are at work or school. Similarly, antidepressants that will likely cause you to stay awake will not be prescribed as a bedtime medicine.


When You Donít Take the Meds at the Prescribed Time

 If you will not adhere to the prescription, there is a risk that you may not achieve the functionality you need at a particular time of day. Worse, there can be adverse effects that you may experience when you donít follow the instructions. The key to making your medication work for you is your diligent compliance with the prescription, including the timing and returning to the clinic for monitoring.

 Report to your prescriber the observed responses because these are important in determining the need for a change in the medication, dosage and timing. Your psychiatrist or PMHNP follows a methodical process and your inputs are important to get the right prescription for you.


For Best Results

 The reason you decided to see a psychiatrist or PMHNP is because you are eager to feel better and be able to resume a normal life once more. If you want to work and interact with people again, you must know that critical to achieving functionality is dependent on adhering to the prescription, including timing.  

Remember, the timing of the medications has been well thought, so thereís a good reason for it. This makes it important that you seek help from a practitioner you can trust, such as Living Well Behavioral Health in Knightdale, NC on McKnight Dr.  Discussing the conditions and medications with our patients is a protocol we continue to keep. This is how we make sure that youíll achieve functionality at the right time of the day.


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