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  • anxiety
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  • irritable mood
  • addiction
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Our mission is to provide the best care for you with experienced, knowledgeable psychiatrists.  We believe through these services we can positively impact the health and lives of our clients.


What things should you discuss with your prescriber about your medication?

 Even with the best prescribers, finding the right psychotropic medications is a challenge. It is generally based on deductions using the diagnostic findings, the patientís medical history and other relevant information gathered during discussions/consultations. The possibility of success is higher when the prescriber gets adequate and accurate basis for the prescription. 

In other words, part of the successful determination process of the right medications depends on you. If you (or your family) would provide precise information and come back for monitoring and medical management as agreed, the success of finding the right medications is higher. 

According to PsychCentral (2013), even the US-FDA and other professional organizations recommend that you ask relevant questions and discuss with your doctor vital elements of your treatment and recovery, such as:


      What is the name of the medication, and what is it supposed to do?

      How long before you expect to see results?

      What kind of track record in terms of effectiveness does this medication have?

      What are the primary short-term side effects of this medication?

      Does this medication have any long-term side effects that I should be aware of, such as diabetes, sexual side effects, or weight gain?

      Are there ways to minimize these side effects?

      How and when do I take it, and when do I stop taking it?

      What foods, drinks, or other medications should I avoid while taking the prescribed medication?

      Should it be taken with food or on an empty stomach?

      Is it safe to drink alcohol while on this medication?

      How do you monitor this medication? Are there specific tests you run to help monitor this medication?

      What are you prescribing this particular medication over a similar medication?

      How will we know when itís time to stop taking this medication, or if the dose will need to be changed?

      Is it safe for me to continue taking aspirin, Advil, vitamin and/or herbal supplements when taking this medication? Is there something specific I should avoid?

      Is a generic version of this medication available?

      What should I do if I miss a dose of this medication? Take it immediately when I remember, or wait until my next regularly scheduled dose?


Remember, knowledge is empowering. You or your family can better take care of yourself/you if you are armed with the right information. Your prescriber can also pick the right psychotropic drugs for you when they know more about you and your condition. Discussions between you and your prescriber are valuable. This is why Living Well Behavioral Health in Knightdale, NC on McKnight Dr. encourages our clients to ask questions and discuss with us any related topic or issue that may help us understand your condition better.


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